Diane Smook Photography: Nature, Dance, Documentary

Becoming Dance: Images of a Process

Faity Tuttle: An Inspiration at 100

Shaping A President

Rome and a Villa

Winter Landscape

Portraits from the Garden: An Uncommon View

Creatures of the Galapagos

African Journey

New York NY
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Perfect Pink Lotus
Queen of Siam 3
Pink Lotus Pod
White Lotus Opening
Queen of Siam 1
Pink Tropical Lilies 4
Pink Tropical Lilies 2
Tall Lotus Pods
Lotus & Bee
Pitcher Plant in Bloom
Gold Gloriosa Lily 1
Passion Flower 1
Red Gloriosa Lily
White Peonies
Red Sunflower
Red Poppy
Gloriosa Lily with Web
Pink Poppies 6
Pink Tropical Lilies 5
Pitcher Plant
Pink Tropical Lilies 2
Lotus After Flowering 2
Lotus Opening Day
Lotus After Flowering 1
Wildflowers 2
Pink Poppies 4